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Daviess County, Kentucky



Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARTLETT Polly Ann  10 Mar 1844Daviess County, Kentucky I621 James Hines 
2 BURDETTE Forest Lee  9 Apr 1864Daviess County, Kentucky I144 James Hines 
3 BURDETTE Martha Jane Bettie  18 Apr 1882Daviess County, Kentucky I166 James Hines 
4 BURDETTE Worden Sterling  28 Nov 1875Daviess County, Kentucky I457 James Hines 
5 BURTON Helen Prudence  1 Oct 1835Daviess County, Kentucky I273 James Hines 
6 FORD Jeretta Jane (Retty)  17 Dec 1865Daviess County, Kentucky I676 James Hines 
7 FORD Samuel Tildon  26 Aug 1876Daviess County, Kentucky I679 James Hines 
8 FORD William Samuel  12 Aug 1834Daviess County, Kentucky I272 James Hines 
9 GRAVES Benjamin N.  26 Aug 1823Daviess County, Kentucky I576 James Hines 
10 GRAVES Harriet  15 Mar 1835Daviess County, Kentucky I83 James Hines 
11 GRAVES Margaret A.  1825Daviess County, Kentucky I575 James Hines 
12 GRAVES William  May 1828Daviess County, Kentucky I574 James Hines 
13 HAMILTON JoAnn   I64 James Hines 
14 HAMILTON Joyce Francis   I65 James Hines 
15 HAMILTON Mary Paulett   I66 James Hines 
16 HAWKINS Amanda  Daviess County, Kentucky I577 James Hines 
17 HINES Rena Pauline  19 May 1920Daviess County, Kentucky I11 James Hines 
18 KNOTT Margaret (Maggie )  25 Feb 1885Daviess County, Kentucky I959 James Hines 
19 KNOTT Mary Jennie  17 Nov 1917Daviess County, Kentucky I2 James Hines 
20 KNOTT Mary Louella   I36 James Hines 
21 PAYNE Agnes Lillian  12 Jun 1889Daviess County, Kentucky I1209 James Hines 
22 PAYNE Edward Norris  12 May 1831Daviess County, Kentucky I1586 James Hines 
23 PAYNE Francis Elzie  15 Jun 1887Daviess County, Kentucky I1208 James Hines 
24 PAYNE John Thomas  14 Oct 1827Daviess County, Kentucky I1205 James Hines 
25 PAYNE Mary Blanche  18 Mar 1878Daviess County, Kentucky I1206 James Hines 
26 PAYNE Mary Ellis  28 Feb 1893Daviess County, Kentucky I1210 James Hines 
27 PAYNE Susan Gertrude  31 Oct 1881Daviess County, Kentucky I1207 James Hines 
28 WELLER Palmer "Erwin"   I700 James Hines 
29 WELLS Martha Edna  6 Apr 1849Daviess County, Kentucky I619 James Hines 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BURDETTE Pious Hamilton  16 May 1922Daviess County, Kentucky I452 James Hines 
2 BURTON Bassett  22 Aug 1832Daviess County, Kentucky I914 James Hines 
3 BURTON Creed  1898Daviess County, Kentucky I274 James Hines 
4 CARTER Polly  21 Jul 1867Daviess County, Kentucky I915 James Hines 
5 CLARK Sarah E.  7 Nov 1861Daviess County, Kentucky I597 James Hines 
6 DRURY Dorothy  1850Daviess County, Kentucky I1219 James Hines 
7 FORD Helen Elizabeth  22 May 1935Daviess County, Kentucky I708 James Hines 
8 FORD Lottie  12 Jul 1941Daviess County, Kentucky I630 James Hines 
9 GRAVES John Cole  6 Oct 1880Daviess County, Kentucky I84 James Hines 
10 HELM George Strauder  1897Daviess County, Kentucky I869 James Hines 
11 NAVE Louvinea T.  2 May 1923Daviess County, Kentucky I453 James Hines 
12 NAVE William M.  31 Dec 1922Daviess County, Kentucky I903 James Hines 
13 PAYNE Cornelius  3 Feb 1835Daviess County, Kentucky I1217 James Hines 
14 PAYNE Felix  28 Nov 1857Daviess County, Kentucky I1601 James Hines 
15 PAYNE John Cornelionus  19 May 1921Daviess County, Kentucky I1204 James Hines 
16 PAYNE John Thomas  24 May 1889Daviess County, Kentucky I1205 James Hines 
17 PAYNE Robert  13 Apr 1858Daviess County, Kentucky I1603 James Hines 
18 PAYNE Simon W.  21 Nov 1850Daviess County, Kentucky I1595 James Hines 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BRYANT / GRAVES  5 Oct 1858Daviess County, Kentucky F256 James Hines 
2 BURDETTE / CONRAD  9 Jul 1891Daviess County, Kentucky F12 James Hines 
3 FORD / BURTON  12 Oct 1854Daviess County, Kentucky F154 James Hines 
4 GRAVES / CLARK  6 Oct 1859Daviess County, Kentucky F258 James Hines 
5 GRAVES / MILLER  31 Dec 1863Daviess County, Kentucky F259 James Hines 
6 HELM / THORNTON  26 Jun 1864Daviess County, Kentucky F357 James Hines 
7 HELM / WARD  13 Feb 1842Daviess County, Kentucky F61 James Hines 
8 KIRK / GRAVES  1 Dec 1840Daviess County, Kentucky F197 James Hines 
9 MILLER / GRAVES  11 Mar 1842Daviess County, Kentucky F195 James Hines 
10 SAPP / WRIGHT  9 Feb 1909Daviess County, Kentucky F164 James Hines 
11 WALKER / GRAVES  12 Jan 1852Daviess County, Kentucky F260 James Hines 
12 WARD / HELM  16 Apr 1839Daviess County, Kentucky F356 James Hines 
13 WELLS / HELM  11 May 1847Daviess County, Kentucky F359 James Hines 
14 WINKLER / PAYNE  25 Nov 1901Daviess County, Kentucky F465 James Hines