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Cletus James Knott
BIRTH 11 Jan 1922
Daviess County, Kentucky, USA
DEATH 14 Oct 1945 (aged 23)
Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky, USA
Saint Anthony Church Cemetery
Browns Valley, Daviess County, Kentucky, USA
MEMORIAL ID 46571387 View Source
Cletus James Knott, 23, 322 West Fifth Street, was fatally injured in an accident involving his motorcycle and an automobile driven by Lawrence Bader, at Fifth and Walnut streets at 6:58 a.m. Sunday. Knott died at the Owensboro-Daviess county hospital at 9:15 p.m., Sunday. His wife, who was injured, was removed to the hospital, and later taken to her home. The Knotts were en route to Blythesville, Ark. According to Patrolman Deane Duggin, who together with Sgt. Cary Ray investigated the accident, Knott in a statement to him, said the he (Knott) and his wife were traveling West on Fifth Street, on their motorcycle, when he turned to say something to his wife, who was seated behind him. In turning, he saw the approaching car, he said and applied his brakes, which threw both him and his wife onto the pavement. The motorcycle and the car collided, but very little damage was sustained by either vehicle, the patrolman stated. Following the accident, Knott did not think he was injured, and went to the hospital with his wife, who suffered a fractured collarbone. It was while he was watching the attending physician treating Mrs. Knott's injuries, that Knott complained of feeling ill, lay down for a few minutes, and suddenly lapsed into unconsciousness, from which he did not recover, death occurring Sunday night. Surviving are the widow, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hilary Knott, Owensboro; four brothers, Lawrence of Owensboro; Carl Knott, U. S. Army stationed at Camp Breckinridge, Bernard Knott, U. S. Army stationed at Fort Cotton, N. Y.; and Leo Knott, U. S. Navy, in the Philippines; two sisters, Mrs. S. K. McDaniel, Owensboro, and Mrs. Carl Cash, Arlington, Va. Funeral services will be held at St. Joseph's Church at 9 a.m. Wednesday, the Rev. Thomas Murphy officiating. Burial will be in St. Anthony's Cemetery, Brown's Valley. Pallbearers will be Bernard Fulkerson, Paul Greer, Frank O'Bryan, Tandy Chissom, O. E. Alford and Joe Ebelhar. The body is at the Owensboro Funeral Home. 
KNOTT Cletus James (I2067)
Mary Frances McCormick Knott
BIRTH 21 Dec 1918
DEATH 6 Aug 2005 (aged 86)
Hawaiian Memorial Park
Kaneohe, Honolulu County, Hawaii, USA
MEMORIAL ID 47455664 View Source
May Frances Knott, 86, of Kailua, a Pearl Harbor courier, died in St. Francis-West Medical Center. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by husband Martin R.; sons Martin L., Michael H. and Timothy J.; daughters Susan Becker, Helen Perreira and Mary Maumoynier; 17 grandchildren; and 13 great-grandchildren. Mass: 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at St. Ann Catholic Church in Kaneohe. Call after 12:30 p.m. Burial to follow at Hawaiian Memorial Park. Casual attire. Donations suggested to St. Francis-West Hospice. 
MCCORMACK May Frances (I347)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HINES Joshua David (I950)
4 8/14/2007 Name changed from Judith Lynn Schulte to Judith Ann Schulte per Jennifer Laine Hines-Nunn, her daughter. SCHULTE Judith Ann (I305)
5 A remembrance of Alma Grant Knott about the death of her mother as told by her daughter Louella Knott Farmer.

Mom must have been a very young child. She remembered the family being taken in a coverd wagon to her grandparents' home because her mother was no longer physically able to care for them. (tuberculosis) Her father, Monroe Grant, took the wagon back to their place to bring their furntiure and belongings (plunder) to her grandparents' home.

She remembered her grandfather waking her up during the night and carrying her in to tell her mother good bye. She died that night, October 19, 1894. As her father returned and neared the grandparents' home he met the wagon taking his wife's body to the cemetery.

This all happened in Frio County, Texas. 
GRANT Mary Alma (I79)
6 About 1851 Zachariah Hines came to Ohio County, Kentucky from Tennessee.
He was accompanied by his wife. Sarah and at least three children; born
7 Jan. 1843, all three were born in Tennessee. The marriage and subsequent census records of the three children consistently indicate that Zachariah Hines and their mother were born in the State of Virginia.

Zachariah Hines and his family arrived in Ohio County sometime between mid 1850 and 3 July, 1851. He is first listed in the tax records of Ohio County in 1851, he does not appear in the 1850 census of Ohio County or in the index of or the 1850 census of the State of Kentucky. The Hines family settled in the northern part of Ohio County in the area between the communities of Bells Run (formerly known as Westerfield) and Pleasant Ridge, about one mile south of the Ohio-Daviess County line.
They made their home near the family of Thomas and Malinda Townsley who also came from Tennessee, they had made the trip about three years earlier. Thomas Townsley was born about 1815 in Tennessee and his wife Malinda, about 1817 in Tennessee. Grandchildren of Zachariah Hines (Family of Gilbert A. Hines) referred to grandchildren of the Townsley's as cousins.

In the tax records of Ohio County, Zachariah Hines is listed in the years of 1851, 1852 and 1857. the tax books for the years of 1853-1856 and 1858 are missing. In 1851 he was assessed taxes for 100 acres on Panther Creek and in the age category of 5-16 he was shown as having two children of that age living in his home. In 1852 he was taxed on 110 acres on Panther Creek and in the category of children aged 6-18 two were listed. In the 1857 tax list he was listed as having no land and two children aged 6-18 were in his home.
HINES Zachariah (I2183)
7 Aloysius Gonzaga Grant GRANT Aloysius Gonzaga (I1068)
8 Archibald is not listed in this census. Roy is listed as a farmer under the Profession, Occupation or Trade column. Patsey is listed as being born in 1811. I believe this is a mistake and that this family is likely that of James' daughter Martha due to the naming pattern of Jane, Martha and James.

John M. Claffy 
HINES Martha Patsey (I2184)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. COWAN Gary Wynn (I310)
10 Bondsman Joseph Renfro and Justice of the Peace Robert Gaines. Family (F732)
11 Bondsman Miller Easly and Justice of the Peace Sterling Cocke. Family (F725)
12 Bondsman Noel B. Hines and Justice of the Peace Robert Gaines Family (F70)
13 Bondsman Samuel Humbard and Justice of the Peace Robert Gaines CHESHIRE Annie (I2203)
14 Bondsman William Hines and Justice of the Peace, Robert Gaines. ELKINS Sarah (I2202)
15 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CLAFFY Thomas Michael (I198)
17 Called "Loshey Boy" by his children. KNOTT Aloysius Meyering (I1151)
18 Charles Claffy was born in Offaly County Ireland on 25 December, 1797. On 15
January, 1834 he married Esther Condrun who was born some time between 1805 and
1815 also in Offaly County, Ireland.
Prior to the birth of their 1st child John, Charles and Esther migrated to the United States.
I assume that the ship they came to this country on docked in the port of Baltimore,
Maryland, as John was born in Maryland circa 1837. The name of the vessel Charles and
Esther obtained passage to the United States on remains unknown to me.
The family can not be found in the census records until 1850 when the family is living in
Hardin County, Kentucky. Charles is shown as being employed as a turnpiker. Sons
James and Thomas and daughter Katherine have also been added to the family.
The 1860 Hardin County census reflects that Charles is now a farmer. Another child,
Mary, has been added to the family but John has left home. John married Olive Joann
Grimes in 1859 and is employed as a farm laborer. The 1860 census also raises two
Another John Claffy, 40 years of age, born in Ireland and also a farm laborer lives in a
dwelling next to Charles. Is this a brother of Charles? He is not seen in a Hardin County
census again.
There is also a nineteen year old Pat living with Charles and Esther as a farm laborer
from Virginia but no James is listed as being in the dwelling. This is interesting in that
the 1840 soundex for Virginia hints that the family may have been in Virginia for that
The 1870 Hardin County census reveals no change from the 1860 census in the dwelling
of Charles and Esther. Charles is still a farmer now worth $600 in real estate and $400 in
personal property. Thomas, James, Catherine and Mary M. are still at home. It is for this
reason that I believe the Pat of the 1860 census is in reality James. This family stayed
together all of their lives.

By John Melvin Claffy 
CLAFFY Charles (I761)
19 Charles died of what was commonly called locked bowels. He was taken by wagon to the doctor in Owensboro, Kentucky and was then sent to the hospital. He died in the hospital in Owensboro. KNOTT Charles Louis (I1019)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. HINES Martha Jane (I5)
21 Data extracted from The Jarnigan Home Page as contributed by Dewayne Welborn HINES Sidney (I49)
22 Data extracted from The Jarnigan Home Page as contributed by DeWayne Welborn HINES Warren Harrison (I243)
23 Data extracted from The Jarnigan Home Page as contributed by DeWayne Welborn HINES Celina (I247)
24 Data extracted from The Jernigan Home Page as contribute by DeWayne Welborn HINES Mary (I2126)
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family (F125)
28 Died of Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia RITCHIE Jerry Wayne (I37)
29 Died of MD RITCHIE Thomas Wayne (I38)
30 Divorced  (I40)

Doe Run Inn is a restaurant/inn business two miles southeast of Brandenburg, Kentucky. It is within the Doe Run Creek Historic District, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 19, 1978. The Inn, which was once the mill of the area, was itself placed on the National Register on October 6, 1987.

Squire Boone had discovered the creek, along with John McKinney, in 1778, and named it Doe Run Creek. It was so named due to the many deer in the vicinity. The creek was blessed with sulfur and salt licks, making it attractive for buffalo and elk.

The mill was built between 1788-1790 by Jonathan Essery, and was originally known as Stevenson's Mill. It was made of local limestone and timbers that were hand-hewn. The walls are two feet thick. Thomas Lincoln worked as a stone mason on the newer section of the mill, which was constructed in 1800.[2]

Throughout its history as a mill, it was seldom profitable, due to so many competing mills. By 1900 it was being used as a barn. It became the Sulfur Wells Hotel in 1901 when W.D. Coleman purchased it. It attracted several tourists who sought the purported health benefits of the sulfur water. In 1947 ownership went to the Haycrafts. It was renamed the Doe Run Inn in 1958 when it was purchased by Curtis and Lucille Brown. The current managers are Jim & Opal Greer, longtime residents of Meade County.

The district includes an additional mill and three houses, one of which was a log cabin. Also within the district was Meade County's first hydro-electric plant. 
HINES Addie Opal (I15)
32 Found in Ohio River CONRAD George W. (I477)
33 Hit by car while walking on sidewalk. HINES Victoria Lynn (I129)
35 James Hines Chronology

James Hines was born in what is today Charlotte County Virginia prior to 1758. The various documents extant that give personal data on James lists his age as:
-About 60 years of age on the 1818 application for Revolutionary War
-About 63 years of age on the 1820 court documents related to his
Revolutionary War Pension
-The 1830 census of Grainger County Tennessee list James as between 80-
90 years of age
-The 1835 Tennessee Pension Roll lists James as 96 years of age
-The 1840 Tennessee Pension Roll lists James as 89 years old.
-James is listed as 92 years of age at the time of his death in 1843
The county of his birth was most likely Lunenburg from which Charlotte County was later formed. The parish of birth was most likely Cornwall.
James enlisted in Charlotte County Virginia in the spring of 1777. He served four years as a private in the companies of Joseph Holt and Nathaniel Reid in the Virginia Regiment of Colonel Davies. James fought in the battle of Stony Point and Charleston.
James Hines is indexed on the 1872 Charlotte County Virginia tax list.
On 6 December 1784 James married Mary Polly Brown. Mary was the daughter of William Brown who farmed next to Caleb Hines, the father of James, on Louse Creek in Charlotte County Virginia.
William B. Hines was born to James and Mary circa 1876.
James Hines appears on the 1787 Charlotte County Virginia tax list. The list reflects that James was taxed for himself, one black male under 16 and one horse.
On 7 March 1788 a James Hines marries an Elizabeth Graves in Goochland County Virginia. Goochland County is next to Charlotte County Virginia. I do not know if this has any relevance to our ancestor or not.
James Hines is listed in the 1790 census of Charlotte County Virginia. He is listed as having a household of six whites and five blacks.
On 14 September 1795, Caleb Hines bequeaths the land he owned east of Great Louse Creek to his son James. Calebas will is found in Will Book #2 for Charlotte County Virginia Wills from 1791-1805.
James Hines children listed in his Revolutionary War Pension application and his will are born from 1797 to 1811. The children born from 1797 to 181 are as follows; Jane in 1797, Zephaniah in 1798, Mikajah in 1799, Zachariah in 1800, Martha aPatseya? in 1801, Polly in 1803, Lucinda in 1805, America and Parthena in 1808 and Sarah in 1811. The dates of birth are primarily calculated from James Revolutionary War Pension application and confirmed by census data where further research has developed such data.
In 1803, James Hines and his brother William sold their Great Louse inheritance and jointly purchased 651 acres on the south side of the south fork of the Sandy River in Pittsylvania County Virginia in 1804. James sold his half of the land and moved to Williamson, later to become Maury County Tennessee.
James Hines name appears on a document witnessing a land transaction on the Big Harpeth and Duck Rivers in Maury County Tennessee prior to 1810.
James Hines signature appears on Legislative Petition #76 which was presented to the Tennessee state legislature in 1819.
A Hines researcher from Alabama states that the 1820 census of Tennessee has an entry for James Hines on page 56 with the last letter of the last name being illegible. On page 58a of this same census a Polley Hines is recorded.
This same researcher also quotes a document listing a purchase of land from a man named James Kerr by a man named James Hines. The ages of the James Hines of this purchase and his wife are compatible for James and Polley. This would seem to rule out any third wife and put an end to my Elizabeth Graves speculation.
In February of 1818 James Hines purchased 10 acres of land on Richland Knobs from John Thompson and Epaphroditus Booth.
Also in 1818 James Hines applies for his Revolutionary War Pension in the circuit court of Grainger County Tennessee.
In 1820 James lists a wife about 48 years of age and daughters Patsey 19, Polly 17, Lucinda 15, America 12 and Sally 9. This would make the date of birth of James wife Polley 1782. That would mean she was only 14 when William was born.
James received 210 acres in land grants from 1822 through 1835:
-10 acres under Land Grant #8029, Book 6, page 497, 1822
-50 acres under Land Grant #12665, Book 11, page 163, 31 March 1826
-50 acres under Land Grant #12667, Book 11, page 181, 31 March 1826
-50 acres under Land Grant #13876, Book 11, page 778, 30 January 1827
-50 acres under Land Grant #19024, Book 19, page 231, 1 October 1835
In 1823 James Hines was the bondsman at the marriage of Joseph Bushong and Elizabeth Owens
James Hines is listed on the index to the 1826 Grainger County Tennessee tax list.
James Hines is enumerated on the last page of the 1830 Grainger County Tennessee census. There is one male 10-15, one male 80-90, one female 20-30 and one female 50-60 in the household.
The 1835 Tennessee Pension Roll lists James Hines, Grainger County, Private, Virginia Continental Line, $96.00 Annual Allowance, $1,510.40 Amount Received, May 24 1820 Pension Started and Age 96.
The 1836 Grainger County Tennessee tax list levies James .04 A cents for 10 acres of land valued at $30.00 and .60 for 200 Acres of land valued at $400.00.
On 12 September 1838 James Hines wed Sarah Paschall.
In 1840 James Hines made a purchase from the estate sale of James Whitlock.
In 1842 James Hines lists sons William, Zachariah, Zephaniah, and Mikajah, daughters Jane, Martha, Parthena, America and Sarah and his wife Sarah and her daughter Mary in his 17 June will.
On the first Monday in September 1843 James Hines left his mortal body and went to his eternal rest.
The data in this chronology was researched by:
Harmon Lee Hines
John Melvin Claffy
Jerry Long
Darlene Trent
Linda Walker
DeWayne Welborn
Linda Scott
The research was funded primarily by Harmon Lee Hines with assistance from John Melvin Claffy in the latter stages. 
HINES James (I1256)
36 June 6, 2021. Edited by Martha Hines Ritchie.
Informed by children of May McCormack Knott that May's Maiden name was spelled McCormack not McCormick as reported in obits.  
MCCORMACK May Frances (I347)
37 Marriage GRANT George (I1196)
38 Murdered in Temple Terrace, FL HINES David Lee (I264)
39 Name George Grant
Sex Male
Spouse's Name Lucy Montgomery
Spouse's Sex Female
Spouse's Father's Name Joseph Montgomery
Marriage Date 18 May 1799
Marriage Place Washington, Kentucky, United States
George Grant's Spouses and Children
Lucy Montgomery

Name George Grant
Sex Male
Spouse's Name Lucy Montgomery
Spouse's Sex Female
Spouse's Father's Name Joseph Montgomery
Marriage Date 18 May 1799
Marriage Place Washington, Kentucky, United States
Other People on This Record
Joseph Montgomery
GRANT George (I1196)
40 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. KNOTT Mary Louise (I1241)
42 Parents: William Henry Payne, Sr. and Mary Ann Mattingly.

Wife of Frederick Martin Knott.

The Owensboro (KY) Messenger, Wednesday, 12/19/1916; Page 3.
MRS. JENNIE KNOTT, wife of Martin Knott, died at 3:30 o'clock Sunday morning at her home at Brown's Valley, after a two months' illness of tuberculosis. The deceased was sixty-two years old and one of the most beloved women in Daviess county. Surviving are her husband and eight children, Mrs. Roland Barr, Pettit; Mrs. Robert Hite, Owensboro; Sister M. Rosalia, Louisville; Henry Knot, Sorgho; Mrs. Sherman Howard, Brown's Valley; Hillory Knott, Owensboro; James Knott, Brown's Valley, and Proctor Knott, Bown's Valley, besides several brothers and sisters. Funeral services were conducted at 9 o'clock Monday morning from St. Anthony's church at Brown's Valley by Father Herbeth, pastor of St. Martin's church at Rome, on account of the illness of Father Meyering. Burial was in the church cemetery 
PAYNE Jennie (Sarah Jane) (I956)
43 Picture from Oahu Cattlemen's Association Paniolo Hall of Fame KNOTT Martin Raphael (I213)
44 Plant accountant for Texas Gas in Owensboro, Kentucky for 40 years. He was also a J.A. counselor. He was a veteran of the World War II and served in the Arm in the Korean War. He was a member of Immaculate Catholic Church. He graduatd from Brescia College in 1965. He enjoyed golf. From Owensboro Messenger Inquirer August 8, 2003. KNOTT Charles Maitland (I1240)
45 Sarah listed as Sarah Hynds. Bondsman Abraham Trogden and Justice of the Peace Robert Gaines HIGGS Alexander (I2205)
46 Sec K Lot 627 HINES Earl Thomas (I50)
47 She was buried on the farm of Ben and Rebecca Hines Graves. Sarah's Hines' monument is the oldest of seven inscribed markers in what is referred to as the "Graves Cemetery". It is located a short distance off of Highway 764 (Pleasant Ridge - Bells Run Road) about one mile east of Pleasant Ridge and just east of the Green River Parkway.
BRASTLY Sarah (I378)
48 Son of Herman L. and Addie Lee (Burdette) Hines. Died from swallowing contaminated lye. HINES Howard Gorden (I12)
49 They were married on the eve of the War of Northern Aggression Family (F730)